Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a music major?

For admission to the music school, you need to audition for the music faculty and complete an interview. The Music School is interested in your career aspirations and musical experiences. Any information you wish to provide us about your musical and scholastic background is welcome.

The School of Music will notify you of your acceptance status as a music major after you have completed the above steps. You must be admitted to Centenary College before your acceptance as a music major takes full effect.

What are the Theory and Piano Placement tests?

When you come to the auditions, you will also be taking placement tests in music theory and piano. If you choose to become a student at Centenary College, these tests will help us advise you for your first semester. We understand that there is a great variety in the backgrounds and experiences of students wishing to study music. We do not expect everyone to have the same skills, but we want to help prepare you to do your best in your first year of college music study.

The Piano Placement test takes place in one of the piano studios. You will be asked to show your knowledge of the keyboard in some scales and sight-reading. The initial exam is very short. One of the piano faculty members will listen to you alone. Students who do well may have the opportunity to skip some of the piano requirements. Passing the complete exam may earn the student his/her Piano Proficiency

The Theory Placement test takes place in one of the classrooms immediately after your performance audition. The exam will test your knowledge of music theory, beginning with more elementary skills, and progressing to more difficult information. Advanced students will have the opportunity to take a test which will allow them to skip some of the Freshman Theory requirements.

Do I need to audition?

Yes. All candidates for a music degree must pass an audition in their major performing medium in order to be admitted to the Hurley School of Music.

If you DO NOT plan to be a music major, but wish to play in one of the performing ensembles, you must audition for the conductor of that ensemble. Some scholarships may be available for non-major ensemble participation, depending on your skill and area of specialty.

If you just plan to take private lessons or a music class, and do not plan to play in an ensemble or major in music, you do not have to audition.

How do I schedule an audition for the Hurley School of Music?

If you are coming to Centenary College specifically for a Hurley School of Music audition, you should make every effort to be present on one of our primary audition dates. The Music Office will schedule you for your audition on those days. Please call the School of Music at (318) 869-5235, or email us at email.

If you cannot be present on one of the primary audition dates, call the Music Office and we will help you schedule another date for your Hurley School of Music audition. If you are hoping to audition while visiting the campus on a specific date, please let us know.

How do I schedule a campus visit?

Contact the Admission Office at (318) 869-5131, or start at the Admission Visit page.

What about the Centenary College Choir?

The Centenary College Choir is made up of both music majors and non-majors. Auditions for the choir (just as for other ensembles) are frequently scheduled and held separately from those for the Hurley School of Music. Dr. David Hobson, Director of Choral Activities, will be glad to speak with you about scheduling an audition. He may be reached at (318) 869-5200 or email.

If you are planning to be a music major, and you audition on one of the primary audition dates, Dr. Hobson will be present to hear your audition.

Do not forget that if you plan to be a music major, you must schedule an audition for the Hurley School of Music. Admission to the Hurley School of Music and admission to the Centenary Choir are two separate things. You may audition for only one, or for both at the same time, but an audition for the Choir alone is not the same as an audition for the School of Music.