2010 Brain Awareness Week

Since 1996, the Brain Awareness Week campaign has united the Society for Neuroscience, The Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives, and over 1,200 science, advocacy, and health organizations in yearly efforts to host public events that elevate public awareness of brain and nervous system research.

2010 Creative Brain Image Contest

Each year, Centenary neuroscience students create photographs from tissue sections of mouse brain or monkey retina. Students, faculty, and staff vote for the best image.

click to see all Brain Awareness entries

See all entries in the 2010 contest.

You can also take a look back at the 2009 photo contest winners and entries.

Brain Models Created by 2010 Neuroscience Students

Slideshow of 2010 Brain Models

Intro to Neuroscience students participate in a Brain Week tradition at Centenary — constructing models of the brain for display in the Magale Library foyer.

Interactive Demonstrations to Local Students

An important way Centenary students help raise brain awareness in the community is through tutelage to local elementary students.

In 2010, our students are reaching out to local students in a variety of settings:

some photos from Shreve Island

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