Facilities and Equipment

Human Sensation

Vision Science Workstation by Cambridge Research Systems


  • This equipment enables us to precisely track eye movements and changes in pupil diameter as a subject observes still images, text, or video
  • Allows for the gathering of subject responses to various stimuli, this data can be analyzed to investigate reaction times to visual information

Power Lab data acquisition systems by AD Instruments

  • Used in Neuroscience and Biology courses these versatile modular systems allow students to capture electrophysiological data including EMG, EEG, reflexive response, heart rate, blood pressure, galvanic skin
    response, and intra/extra-cellular neuronal traces

Histology and Imaging

Tissue Sectioning

  • The neuroscience lab is equipped with multiple microtomes for paraffin embedded or frozen tissue preparation
  • Introduction to Neuroscience and Advanced Neuroscience students use these devices to process brain tissue for analysis by fluorescent or bright-field microscopy



  • Olympus digital microscopes (florescent, bright-field and phase contrast) allow students to view real-time images of tissue sections or capture images for off-line analysis


  • AD Instruments Power Lab hardware permits analysis of EEG