Celebrating 10 Years of Neuroscience at Centenary

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10 Years of Neuroscience

The 2010-2011 academic year marks the 10th Anniversary of the Neuroscience Program at Centenary. As part of this celebration, we are launching a new fundraising campaign to directly support our neuroscience students.

As a thank you gift for your donation, we are pleased to offer the choice of print(s) from the list below. These images were produced by neuroscience students as part of the annual Creative Brain Competition. All images represent real tissue, cells, or anatomical structures that students examined as part of coursework. Prints are approximately 16" X 20" in size.

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Choose Images:

Blue Neuron River by Rustin Green

Cave of Nerves by Rustin Green

Cajal Stained Cerebellum David Micinski

A Monkey Retina by David Micinski

Human Cerebrum by Chas Reed

Monkey Eye by Chas Reed

Neon Nights by Roumta Odisho

Waves of Joy by Roumta Odisho

Martian Dust Storm by Renee Do

Many Fish in the Sea Tyler Basset

Volcano in the Brain by Erica Glidewell

Microscopic Mardi Gras by Erica Glidewell

On the Horizon by Laura Immenschuh

Complexity by Laura Immenschuh

Don't Separate the Monarch from the Mob by Heather Wensler

The Prince's Sapphires by Heather Wensler

Inferno Cerebrum by Sean Brazeel

Starburst Cerebellum by MK Orsulak

Turtle in the Spinal Cord by MK Orsulak

Titanic Spinal Cord by Sean Brazeel

Cloudless by Olivia Parsons

Watermelon by Olivia Parsons

The Forbidden Forest by Renee Do

Follow the Cobblestone Road! by Kelly Reed

Crimson Moss by Michael Ren

Wide Left by Rob Grand

Aurora by Talia Crain

Blue by Caitlin Cavarra

Through the Fire by Bethany Joseph

Glial on Fat Tuesday by Amanda Krentzel

Ghost in the Brain by John Cefalu

Galaxy in the Brain by Joshua Phillips

iON Acid by Andrew Buller

Graphite by Tyler Smith

Crossing the Brain by Andy Osborn

Purple by Tyler Smith

Sketch of the Retina by Marco Rajo

Stormy Night by Mark Moehle

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