New Student Checklist

Congratulations on your admission to Centenary's entering class of 2014! Wondering what to do next? We've compiled a list of “next steps” to help you complete the necessary items to become a Centenary student. Be sure to check out the upcoming events on our visit page and "like" our Facebook page for the latest Centenary updates and news.

If you have any remaining questions, don’t hesitate to contact the Office of Admission at 800.234.4448 or email.

Please submit these forms below before attending your SOAR (Summer Orientation and Registration) program.

  1. Place your $250 Enrollment Deposit to secure your place in the class
  2. Fill out your Immunization form
  3. Provide information about your Housing Preferences
  4. Take your World House Assessment
  5. Register for a SOAR, our Pre-Orientation Program
  6. Clarify your interests with the Academic Questionnaire
  7. Mail all final transcripts when they become available
  8. Mark your calendar for New Student Orientation: August 1st & 2nd
  9. Fill out your passport information for Centenary in Paris!

If you are a student with a disability who needs accommodations, please contact Tina Feldt at email.

More information is available at Disability Services.