Get Ready for SOAR!

SOAR (Summer Orientation and Registration) is a required, two day, on-campus session during which you will meet with your advisor to register for class, finalize financial arrangements, meet classmates, take placement exams, and prepare for your coming move to Centenary.

Getting Ready

  1. The most important step is to work toward completing the items on your New Student Checklist. One of these items is your SOAR sign-up (see above).

  2. You must complete the Health Services immunization form online prior to attending SOAR and registering for classes.

  3. Consult with your parents about the financial arrangements that you will make while on campus. Research your options for different payment plans.

  4. Start thinking about registration. Explore our Majors and Departments before your SOAR experience.

  5. Pack accordingly; make sure you look over our list of things to bring.

Once on Campus

During SOAR, you will spend two days on campus.

  1. register for classes
  2. meet other incoming students and returning students
  3. receive your email address and student ID card assignment
  4. complete and submit paperwork for Financial Aid, the Business Office, and the Department of Public Safety so that you will be eligible to attend classes in the fall
  5. discover opportunities to get involved in extracurricular, leadership, service, religious and other activities on campus
  6. meet Centenary faculty and staff members
  7. take optional placement tests in French and Spanish
  8. ask any remaining questions about classes, majors, college life, and everything Centenary

Springboard Photos

Still Have Questions?

Here are some important names and contact information that you may find useful:

SOAR Lauren Carlton 318.869.5748 email
Orientation Ashlie Daigle 318.869.5292 email
Financial Aid Lynette Viskoski 318.869.5137 email
Residential Life Montgomery Mewers 318.869.5110 email
Health Services Melinda Koch 318.869.5466 email