The Centenary Fund for Student Safety

The Centenary College Department of Public Safety (DPS) is committed to providing a safe environment to the Centenary College community in order for the College to fulfill its educational mission. DPS exists to respond to the special law enforcement needs particular to a college by working with the college community, using cooperative dialogue, utilizing crime prevention and interdiction methods, and maintaining an adaptive attitude to provide quality service through the activities of a dedicated, educated, and responsible group of officers.

Gifts to The Centenary Fund for Student Safety allow DPS to continue to provide a number of unique programs for our students that promote safety on and off campus.

AED Training - training for all who request instruction in the use of Automated External Defibrillators.

Check Your Ride - prior to each break and before the end of each semester, DPS officers check the vital fluids, belts, hoses, spare tires, and air pressure in tires of students' vehicles upon request. This service also educates students about how to perform these tasks on their own.

Crime Victim Awareness - a partnership with Caddo Sheriff's Department to bring awareness to victims of crimes and the services available to them.

DWI Simulator - simulates impaired driving in a virtual reality simulator while sitting in a real car to educate students on the consequences of driving under the influence.

Exchange Student Training
- an orientation session with incoming exchange students addressing safety on and around campus.

Fire Training - fire safety education which includes fire extinguisher training for different groups as requested.

Greek Training - annual cook out with the Centenary Greek students to discuss drug and alcohol safety and liability concerns at their houses.

RA Training - several hours of safety training including emergency procedures, fire safety, and Title IX education.

- Rape Aggression Defense is 12 hours of self defense training for female students.

Street Smart - two-hour, reality-based training on how to get around town safely by being "Street Smart."

VIN Etching
- etches the vehicle's ID number on all of the car windows to deter crime and reduce insurance rates!

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