History of WEQ

The WEQ was founded in 1985. The article below, which details the group's origins, first appeared in the Fall 1985 Centenary Magazine.

A vision with a purpose...

A dream of Muses member Doris Box, the Women's Endowment Quorum is now a reality. The roster resembles a Who's Who of Caddo, Bossier, and Avoyelles parishes: Mrs. Luther A. Beene, Mrs. Harvey Broyles, Mrs. A.L. Byrd, Mrs. Edward T. Carruth, Mrs. C.O. Foil, Mrs. W.W. Gardner, Mrs. John A. Hendrick, Mrs. Samuel B. Hicks, Mrs. Thomas E. Hogan, Mrs. Sam D. Hunter, Mrs. Roy Hurley, Mrs. John H. Johnson Jr., Mrs. Norman V. Kinsey, Mrs. Edwin Moore, Mrs. George D. Nelson, Mrs. Austin G. Robertson, Mrs. W.L. Sibley, Mrs. David Tyrrell, Mrs. Donald A. Webb, Mrs. Roland Wibker, Mrs. Robert E. Witt, Mrs. Hoyt Yokem, and Mrs. Box.

Membership is open to ladies who have on their hearts how the College's endowment can be improved: by their own gifts, by creative projects, and by encouraging potential donors. Annual contributions are a minimum of $1,000. There will be few meetings: a business session and an educational event; social gatherings, and travel opportunities as they arise. Invitations to special events sponsored by the College will also be extended to Quorum members.

"Our goal is to raise $100,000," said Mrs. Box, who has chosen this as her first 'challenge' with Centenary. A non-alum (and not even a Methodist!), she sees the group as making a significant impact on the College, now and in the future. With over $35,000 now in hand, the ladies plan to reach their $100,000 goal in about four years. In the meantime, they will keep attuned to the current needs of the College via a Future Planning Committee. If a need at the College is one that they wish to address, it will be considered a side project using separate monies. One such project was the renovation of the lobby in Sexton Hall. The $6,800 undertaking involved painting, papering, carpeting, furnishing, and accessorizing. The dark, 'early attic' lobby is now a cheerful place to gather and entertain friends.

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