Aizawa wins ATLAS Fellowship

Dr. Kenneth Aizawa was awarded a Louisiana Board of Regents ATLAS (Award to Louisiana Artitsts and Scholars) fellowship.

The fellowship, in combination with a sabbatical from Centenary College, will provide Dr. Aizawa with one year’s release time in 2009-2010 to complete a book, Remapping the Landscape of the Mind, in the philosophy of psychology and neuroscience. The book, to be co-authored with Dr. Carl Gillett of Northern Illinois University, and published by Wiley-Blackwell, develops a theory of the relationship between the mind and the brain.

Dr. Aizawa is the Charles T. Beaird Professor of Philosophy. Aizawa’s endowed chair was created by local philanthropist, businessman, and philosopher Charles T. Beaird in recognition of the importance of philosophy and its centrality in a liberal arts education.

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