Materials for PHIL 101: Introduction to Philosophy

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Grading policy
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Socrates section

Paper #1 Assignment (Word document)

Reeve, (1989), "The Counterpenalty". PDF

Free Will Section

Haggard, (2005) "Conscious Intention and Motor Cognition" PDF

Libet, (1985) "Unconscious cerebral initiative ..." PDF

Libet, (1999), "Do we have free will?" PDF

Mele, (2006) "Free Will and Neuroscience" PDF

Paper #2 Assignment (Word document)

Virtue and Value Section

Paper #3 Assignment (Word document)

Required books

Author: Wielenberg, Erik J.
Title: Value and Virtue in a Godless Universe
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0-521-60784-1

Author: Plato
Title: Five Dialogues
Publisher: Hackett
ISBN: 0-915145-22-7

Author: I. F. Stone
Title: The Trial of Socrates
Publisher: Doubleday
ISBN: 0-385-26032-6

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