Assignments will include active reading, one actor assignment, one researcher assignment, four position papers, and final presentation.

Active Participation: This grade is made up of a combination of participation in class discussion when not an actor or a researcher, and participation on reading days. This grade will be made up of a variety of activities, from reading summaries to quizzes to answering questions in class. Attendance is a prerequisite for participation.

Actors and Researchers: Students will be assigned to be an actor once and a researcher once. Actors will play a role and need to prepare to play the role and reflect on it. Details in another document. Researchers will make a 10 minute presentation on questions asked by the class. Details in another document. Students who miss discussion or decisions days will be penalized 10% per day on their combined grade.

Essays: Three position papers are required for this course. These write ups will be approximately 1200-1700 words. These should be emailed to me and follow the style rules outlined above. Each assignment will require summarizing the relevant ethical arguments, relevant biological information, taking a clear position on the issue, dealing with a counter-argument, and supporting one’s position with a strong argument. Details for each assignment will be provided in separate documents.

The assignments will be worth:

  1. Active Participation: 10%.
  2. Position papers: 70% (17.5% each).
  3. Actor: 10%
  4. Researcher: 10%