Philosophy 102: Moral Problems (2014)

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  2. Calendar (Phil 102B, TR 1:00)
    1. Many readings are in the Philosopher's Index or JSTOR
    2. The rest are here.
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Position Paper Assignments

  1. Position Paper One
  2. Position Paper Two
  3. Position Paper Three
  4. Position Paper Four


Wealth and Poverty:

  • Everyone (including the group leaders) will choose something to do with the class money. Write up a one-page justification for your choice and send to to your group leader by 10/13 at 8a (updated on 10/9). Cc me.
  • Group leaders will propose and justify criteria for determining the best way to spend the course money. He or she will apply these criteria to the proposals and explain which one they favor. 10 minutes each.

Philosophy 102A

  • John Vasquez
    • V. Tori Anderson, Parker Bear, Emilie Harmeyer, Darius Swift
  • Celeste Kemmerly
    • Joshua Carpenter, Abhi Manapragada, T. Adam Nguyen2
  • Namra Tanveer
    • DJ Hicks, Horacio D'Agostino, Patrick Weidner, Taylor Ackerman
  • Kaitlyn Frantz
    • Tamara Johnson, Misa Rendon, W. Alex Vandruff

Philosophy 102B

  • Rachelle Maldonado
    • Haley Nidey, Rylan Whan, Kevin Hurtado
  • Kody Carson
    • Savannah Willis, Cecile Thomas
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