Assignments will include active reading, one researcher assignment, and four position papers.

Active Participation: This grade is made up of a combination of participation in class discussion and participation on reading days. Attendance is a prerequisite for participation. For days with assigned reading, email me a summary of the reading. This summary should be short and highlight the conclusion of each article, chapter, or video presentation and the key reasons given to support it. The email should be sent to with "Notecard" as the entire subject line.

Researchers: Researchers will make a 15 minute presentation on questions asked by the class, details in another document. These will be grade both on style and content.

Essays: Four position papers are required for this course. These write ups will be approximately 1200-1700 words. These should be emailed to me and follow the style rules outlined in the policies section of the syllabus. Each assignment will require summarizing the relevant ethical arguments, taking a clear position on the issue, and supporting one’s position with a strong argument. Details for each assignment will be provided in separate documents.

The assignments will be worth:

  1. Active Participation: 5%.
  2. Position papers: 80% (20% each).
  3. Researcher: 15%
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