What have Centenary philosophy majors done after graduation?

The philosophy major is not a path to just one career. One does not typically major in philosophy to become a philosopher. So, what do philosophy majors do after graduation? More importantly, what do Centenary philosophy majors do after graduation? Many pretty impressive things. Here are a few. (Please send us updates!)

Jacquelyn Batson, 2011 double major in philosophy and religious studies is the program director at the Benbrook Community Center/YMCA.

Nadine Kaskas, 2011 double major in biology and philosophy is attending LSUS medical school.

Maegan Shanks graduated in 2011 and immediately won a fellowship from the Foundation for Sustainable Development to travel to Kakamega, Kenya to work for the rights of disabled Kenyans.

Brandi Woodell, 2011 graduate and double major in philosophy and sociology, is now in graduate school in sociology at the University of New Orleans.

Ashley Jackson graduated in 2010 and is now Director of Basketball Operations at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, LA.

Thomas Skrmetti, 2010 graduate, is a legislative assistant to Senator Elbert Gillory in Opelousas.

Jason Blilie, a 2009 graduate, studies law at the University of Miami Law School.

Lacey Anderson, a 2008 graduate who majored in German and Philosophy, is currently working on her PhD in philosophy from SUNY, Binghamton. Not many students go in to philosophy, but some do!

Devin Rourke, another 2008 graduate who majored in Business Administration and Philosophy, went to work for the Burlington-Northern railroad company.

Stephen Lioy, 2008 graduate with majors in Philosophy and Political Science, has spent his years since graduation traveling through Asia. Check out his travel blog, Monk Bought Lunch. He taught English for three semesters in China, but one day, when his wanderlust subsides a bit, he plans to attend graduate school in international development.

Matt Nodurfth, yet another 2008 graduate, spent two years (2008-2010) teaching English in Japan, then spent time biking through Arkansas, then went back to Japan for another two years.

Liz Tomsula graduated in 2008 and spent a year traveling and working in Australia, then returned to Colorado in Fall 2009 and interned for Gov. Ritter. She is currently Director of Operations for the EDGE Soccer Club.

Leo Kacenjar, yet another 2008 graduate in Philosophy and Communications:Film, Television and Video, attended graduate school in Digital Media Studies at the University of Denver. He now works as a web developer for the Open Media Foundation.

Jeff Jacobie, 2006 philosophy graduate, has his own custom woodworking and cabinetry company, Jeff Jacobie Company, LLC, in Dallas, TX.

Greg Hogan, another 2006 philosophy graduate, attended Quinnipiac University School of Law.

Jaime Asbury, 2004 graduate, began her career as an Assistant Project Manager at Shreve Land Construction in Shreveport, LA.

Stuart Ponder, 2003 graduate, majored in history, philosophy and political science. He attended LSUís law school, the Paul M. Hebert Law Center. He worked as a clerk for Justice Victory on Louisiana Supreme Court, before entering private law practice with Fowler, Rodriguez, Valdez-Fauli in New Orleans.

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