Lab 1: Distance and Velocity

One of the most basic subjects in science is that of motion. Your question for today is what is motion and how can you measure it? You and your lab partner(s) will be given a tape measure and a stop watch and with these you and your partner(s) will determine how to measure motion and then perform some applications of your measurements.

Question 1: What is motion?(think of some words that are associated with motion)

Question 2: With a tape measure and a stop watch you will now measure for each person in your group what that person's speed is over 10 meters in units of meters/sec. How are you going to do this? Write down your data and results for each person.

Question 3: Now that you know each persons speed, figure out how long it would take for each person in your group to walk 30 meters and write down this number. Now measure how long it takes for each person to walk 30 meters. Do your measured results for the time it takes to walk 30 meters agree with what you calculated that time should be?