Newton's Laws of Motion -- Part I

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This lab is designed to get you thinking about force and to examine the effect of force on the motion of an object, namely a bowling ball.

Part 1: Discuss among yourselves (pick someone near you) and write down some thoughts on "What is a force?" "What do forces do?

Part 2: Consider the bowling ball at rest on the floor. Are there forces acting on it(if so what are they?)? Is it moving?

Part 3: Now lets go to the lab and break up into groups of 2 or 3 and make sure your group has a bowling ball and mallet. For the next part of the lab go out into the hallway and spread out enough so that you don't interfere with other groups (you may need to go upstairs or down stairs). Roll the ball down the hall giving it one initial push(be careful not to hit the glass geology cabinets). Describe the bowling balls motion.

Part 4: Now slowly roll the ball but as its rolling keep hitting it from behind. Describe the motion and the effect of hitting the ball from behind. When we hit the ball what are we doing to it?

Part 5: Again do a similar action to the bowling ball except this time hit the ball in the opposite direction to that of its initial direction.

Part 6: Again do a similar action to the ball only this time while the ball is moving keep hitting the ball on the side perpendicular to its motion. What does this do to its motion?

Part 7: From your experiments, what effect does force have on motion?