Newton's Laws of Motion -- Part II

Part 1: We have one more of Newton's laws to go since we have already done the first two. Individually, each one of you should get the hammer and hit the bowling ball. Describe the forces involved in hitting the ball. Does the ball (through the hammer) exert a force on you?

Part 2: As a farther example of the interaction of objects place your finger against the tabletop and push down. What do you feel in your finger? What is causing this? If there are forces involved how big are they and in what direction are they?

Part 3: Connect two of the scales that you used in the friction lab together so that they measure the force exerted on each other. Now have one person pull on one and another person pull on the other each with a steady pull. What do the scales read? Do this for three different forces and get different people for each different force. What are the forces involved and what is there direction? What pattern or result do you see?

Part 4: From the above experiments what can you say that maybe Newton's third law of motion?