Laboratory Experiments for Conceptual Physics

Lab 1: Distance and Velocity
Lab 2: The Acceleration Due to Gravity, the "g Lab"
Lab 3: Projectile Motion -- Video Analysis
Lab 4: Newton's Laws of Motion -- Part I
Lab 5: Friction
Lab 6: Newton's Laws of Motion -- Part II
Lab 7: Phun with Gravity
Lab 8: Conservation of Energy
Lab 9: Radioactivity is as easy as Alpha, Beta, and Gamma
Lab 10:Density
Lab 11:Is there an Equation for a Spring?
Lab 12:To Sink or not to Sink?
Lab 13:Phun with Electricity
Lab 14:Weight of Your Car
Lab 15: Waves are Phun

Questions based on videos
Creation of the Universe
The Best Mind Since Einstein
What Einstein Never Knew
A. Einstein, How I See the World
Last Journey of a Genius
Feynman's QED lecture in New Zealand 1
Elegant Universe--Einstein's Dream
Elegant Universe--Strings the Thing
Elegant Universe--Welocme to the Eleveth Dimension