Egg Drop Contest

Spring 2014

When: Sunday, April 6, 3 pm
Where: Mickle Loading Dock on Centenary Campus

Drop It!

Every year, the Physics Department and the students of the Physics Club host our annual egg drop contest. The goal of the egg-drop contest is to apply physics knowledge to the construction of an egg-protecting apparatus capable of providing a safe landing upon falling from third floor window of Mickle Hall.

That's right, the egg drop contest is about dropping an egg about forty feet to a target laid out at the foot of Centenary's science building. This target is a piece of plastic laid on the cement below with dimensions of about ten feet square. Points are given for creativity, targeting, egg survival, and mass of apparatus. The number of points received for each of these is a decision of the judges.

See It!

Be In It — Follow The Rules!

  • The apparatus must fit through the window from which the apparatus is dropped. The window opening is about six feet wide and three feet high.
  • An entry may win a prize if the apparatus hits the target and the egg survives the impact with the cement.
  • The apparatus with the least mass and surviving egg will win a prize.
  • The most creative apparatus will win a prize. (This is a subjective decision of the judges.)
  • The apparatus with the most points may win an all-around prize.
  • Another prize may be given for the most spectacular apparatus as determined by the judges. In this case, the apparatus does not have to hit the target and the egg does not have to survive.
  • The eggs must be raw chicken eggs. The eggs must not have been soaked in vinegar or other materials to soften the shell.
  • Eggs will be provided if needed.
  • The apparatus mass will be measured with the egg at time of entry with.