Lab 2a. Adding Vectors

The purpose of this lab is examine vectors and to add vectors three different ways. First four displacement vectors are created by the instructor and these are then put on a piece of paper for each group. The four vectors are put in a different order for each group.

To the Gym!

The lab then goes to the gym and "experimentally" adds the vectors by the heads to tail method. Each group then measures the resultant vector.

Back to the Lab!

Upon completing the excursion, stuends place the results of each group a lab chalkboard for all to see. The students typically observe that, regardless of the order of observations, they get the same results. The displacement vectors are plotted on graph paper and the resultant is compared to their experimental result. Finally, two vectors are given and the students are told about vectors and their components and how to add them and they then do a vector addition for the two vectors given.