Arduino-based Gait Monitor

I had a student who is headed to P.T. school. He wanted to better understand some of the hardware and analysis involved in gait studies. So, we built this device. It still needs some work to make it more portable, and we could do a lot to design some modeling analysis.

The hardware

The Code

  • Gait Monitoring - code that reads the accelerometer and writes the data to the SD card.
  • SD card reader - code that reads the data file and spits it out to the serial monitor, then it destroys the file. We wrote this to avoid having to take the SD card out and mount it on a computer. Surely there are better ways to get the data, but this was quick and easy for us at the time.
  • Wire - a necessary library for communicating with the acceleromter, an I2C device.
  • ADXL345 - a necessary library for working with the accelerometer.
  • SDFat - a necessary library for working with the MicroSD shield