Alan's Hot Tub

Alan's Hot Tub is a student-led acting troupe devoted to the entertainment and enrichment of Centenary's campus and the Shreveport community through original improvised pieces.

Membership in Alan's Hot Tub is open to any Centenary College student who auditions; final decisions on membership are voted on by current Hot Tub members and the faculty advisor. Those auditioning are not required to have prior improvisational experience, however, participation in Game Nights and enrollment in Improvisation for the Actor (THEA204) are strongly encouraged.

Auditions are held at the end of each Spring semester. Check back frequently for information regarding specific dates and times.

Upcoming Events:

Alan's Hot Tub Game Night
Thursday, October 29th, 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM, SUB Lobby
Take an hour out of your busy schedule to laugh it out with Centenary's improv troupe. Play with us, offer scene suggestions, or simply spectate. We'd love to have you.

Alan's Hot Tub is available for commissioned improv sessions, entertainment events, and workshops. If interested, please contact faculty advisor Logan Sledge for more details.