Centenary Mentor Program

How do I become a mentor?

We invite everyone to register as a mentor through our online career resource, CAREERlink. Register & create a mentor profile! New registrants must be approved by Professional Development. This takes approximately 24-48 hours. Once your account had been approved, you can use CAREERlink.


Why should I become a mentor? How can I help Centenary students and young alumni by being a mentor?

The Centenary Mentor Program allows students and young alumni to discuss some of their issues, concerns, and questions informally with you. The process of exploring career goals and options usually prompts college students and young alumni to ask questions like:

  • What career do I want to pursue?
  • What are the career options available to someone with my degree?
  • Should I consider attending graduate school?
  • What does it take to be successful in my desired career?
  • What salary should I expect as a new professional?

As a mentor, you can help students and young alumni find answers to these questions and provide them with practical career guidance from the perspective of a professional who also shares the valuable experience of a Centenary College education. Through the program, you will help students and young alumni:

  • Establish relationships that facilitate better decision-making.
  • Learn more about their chosen career path.
  • Receive information on job search strategies and practical career advice.
  • Become more focused and prepared for the school-to-work transition.

What can I expect from my mentoring relationship?

  • Mentees can depend on mentors to keep them apprised of changes and advances in their field.
  • Mentors can show mentees how their major can benefit their career and recommend elective courses.
  • Mentors can help mentees develop resumes or select a project or campus club that may further their career goals.
  • Mentors can help mentees accomplish career goals as well as personal goals. They can give advice on resume-enhancing activities or recommend ways to balance career and family.
  • Mentees should talk to their mentors about what they hope to gain from the experience. They should also learn about their mentor’s experiences and how they acquired their current positions.
  • Relationships are not one-sided. Mentees should enter the relationship with a clear idea of what they wish to get out of it.
  • Mentors can help mentees identify strengths and weaknesses and address areas that need improvement.
  • Mentors encourage mentees to develop to their fullest potential and create their own vision for the future. A mentor is a guide, a listener, a coach, and a friend.

Can I specify my preferred method of contact?

Yes. When completing your CAREERlink profile, be sure to select “Yes” or “No” for the variety of “Show” questions at the bottom of the “Personal Information” section. If you prefer to be contacted through CAREERlink only and not have your personal information made visible, choose “Anonymous” for “Student Contact Method.” If you choose “Anonymous,” students will not be able view your contact information, but will be provided a form to fill out that will come to you in an email.

Can I limit the number of times I am contacted per month?

Yes. When completing your CAREERlink profile, you can specify in the last field of the “Personal Information” section the number of “Student Mentor Contacts” you would like to receive within a 31-day timeframe.

How do I inactivate my mentor account?

There may be times you wish to inactivate your account, such as:

  • You have found a mentee that you wish to focus all of your mentoring time on.
  • Work or family commitments do not permit you to be contacted for a certain amount of time.
  • You choose to no longer be a mentor.

If any of these circumstances are the case, please contact Elizabeth Winkler, Assistant Director of Professional Development, at 318-869-5157 or eeverett@centenary.edu.

What if I am not contacted by a student or young alumnus?

Because this is not a formal matching service, it is the responsibility of the student to search the database and contact potential mentors. If you are not contacted, give it some time; there is sure to be a student in need of your expertise soon.

Do mentors have to be Centenary alumni or can others sign up to be mentors?

No, you do not have to be a Centenary alumni. If you are parent of a current or past student or friend of Centenary, we would welcome you to become a mentor.

What if I have internship or job opportunities to share with students and young alumni?

Professional Development would love to share your internship and job opportunities with students and young alumni. Jobs and internships are posted daily on CAREERlink by employers. Click here to find out how.