Professional Development provides several assessment tools to you gain a better self-understanding, as well as help you clarify your passions and identify career options.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (TypeFocus)

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) helps you understand your personality type and how your personality preferences impact your career choices. It provides the highest quality, scientifically-backed information to help maximize communication, teamwork and potential in order to increase your potential. The MBTI tool will help you improve your performance, develop your leadership, and help you explore your talent and preference style.

The MBTI is available via the TypeFocus system (Click the "Personality" assessment). Please contact Assistant Director of Professional Discernment Beth Duet at email to receive the TypeFocus access code or for a more in-depth interpretation of your MBTI type.


The Enneagram is a personality assessment that helps people to recognize and understand an overall pattern in human behavior. External behaviors, underlying attitudes, one's characteristic sense of self, conscious and unconscious motivations, emotional reactions, defense mechanisms, object relations, what we pay attention to, our spiritual potentials and much more are all parts of a complex pattern that forms each personality type.

A free sample test is available via the Enneagram Institute, although the full version can be purchased online for $10. For an interpretation of your results, please contact Director of Professional Discernment Valerie Robideaux at email.

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