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Used as a part of the career coaching process, there are many self-assessment tools that can help clarify your passions, values, and skills, while providing important information to enhance personal growth and self-understanding. In addition, the results you obtain from self-assessments can offer ideas for majors, provide new career ideas, or help confirm options you may have been considering.

Career Coaching & Discernment 101

Career decision making is an on-going "life-planning" process, rather than a one-time choice. Through one-on-one coaching appointments and group settings, a career coach can help evaluate and improve self-understanding, clarify passions and values, and assist with decision making skills relating to your major or profession.

Choosing a Major

The process of choosing a major is different for every student. If you're not sure where to begin, click on the "Choosing a Major" link to check out some of our suggestions.

Learn About Careers

Professional Development provides resources for exploring career options, as well as research what you can do with your major.

Four-Year Professional Discernment Plan

Planning for a career is an important process that begins with your first semester at Centenary. Learn how you can move your passions to a profession with our four-year discernment plan.

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