Choosing a Major

Suggestions for Choosing a Major

Identify your passions, interests and skills.
What classes did you enjoy in high school? How do you enjoy spending your free time? Do certain subjects just come naturally to you? Our interests and skills can sometimes give us clues as to which majors and career paths we might enjoy. If identifying your interests and skills seems difficult, consider scheduling an appointment with a career coach or take a self-assessment tool.

Explore career possibilities.
While some majors lead to specific career paths, like engineering or accounting, many majors are associated with a wide variety of career possibilities. To learn more, browse our Learn About Careers section.

Enroll in an interesting course.
A great way to explore a major is to take a course in the department. Don't have the time or credits to spare? Consider sitting in on a class that sounds interesting. If the class size is small, contact the professor for permission first.

Look at degree plans and course descriptions.
Does the coursework sound exciting or uninteresting? Would you want to share what you learned in these classes with a friend?

Speak with your academic advisor.

He or she can help you with important details about the major such as its degree requirements, and course selection.

Talk to professors and students.
Talking to professors is a great way to get information from experts in the field. Want the student perspective? Find a student currently enrolled in the major and ask to look at his or her coursework materials and ask how they decided on their path.

Research Majors

Centenary Career Services provides a resource called "What Can I Do With This Major?" to help you learn what careers specific majors can lead to. Click here to access it and learn more!

For additional information on researching specific majors, use the following links:

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