Writing (W) Course Rubric

This rubric should be used to assess all Writing (W) courses in the following semesters:


Analytic Skill

Synthetic Skill

Critical Thinking

Points (3)

  • Clearly stated main idea
  • Accuracy in the use of grammar and documentation
  • Engaging begining, thoughtout paragraph order, and conclusive ending
  • Comprehensive yet concise paragraphs
  • Thorough identification of appropriate analytic techniques to employ
  • Careful and complete collection of relevant data
  • Thoughtful identification of relevant variables for analysis
  • Thorough and appropriate integration of work of others
  • Unbiased consideration of differing views
  • Valid and fully supported conclusion

Points (2)

  • Satisfactorily stated main idea
  • Some grammatical and documentation errors
  • Contains an introduction and conclusion
  • Some paragraph development
  • Identification of some analytic techniques to employ
  • Collection of some data for analysis
  • Identification of some relevant variables for analysis
  • Some integration of the work of others
  • Incomplete consideration of the views of others
  • Plausibly supported conclusion

Points (1)

  • Poorly or no developed main idea
  • Excessive grammatical and/or documentation errors
  • Poor or no introduction and poorly or no stated conclusion
  • Little or no paragraph development
  • Poor or no identification of analytic techniques
  • Poor or no data collection
  • Misidentification of relevant variables for analysis
  • Poor or no integration of the work of others
  • Poor or no consideration of the views of others
  • Missing or poorly supported conclusion