Academic Petitions

The Faculty has established a procedure to act on the requests of students for exception to, or waiver of, academic regulations. See the Registrar for petition forms and for information on what issues may or may not be petitioned. Prior to drafting the petition the student must consult with his or her advisor. CA (2003-04), p. 58.

First, the student should consult with the academic advisor. If the student and advisor decide that a petition is appropriate, then the petition should be completed paying particular attention to the reasons for exception or waiver. The reasons for submitting the petition should be thoroughly explained.

For petitions dealing with specific courses or requirements for a specific major or minor, the petition should first go to the department chair or program director, who would then submit their decision to the Assistant/Associate Dean of the College for ratification. All other petitions would go to the Assistant/Associate Dean of the College for review and decision. The student may appeal a decision to the Provost of the College. Such an appeal requires that the student provide new or additional substantive information not included in the original petition. On all cases, either the Assistant Dean of the College or the Provost may consult the Academic Policy Council for advice on the matter. (Revised March 2011.)

Students may not petition academic suspensions, enrollment for more than 21 hours in any regular semester (12 hours during the summer); more than a total of 18 pass/fall hours; and graduation with less than 124 hours or less than a 2.0 cumulative grade point average overall or in their major(s). Student Handbook (2003-04), p. 58