Class Attendance / Absences

The Centenary College faculty and administration believe that regular and systematic class attendance is an important and necessary ingredient of the educational process at Centenary. The College expects students to place a high priority on regular attendance. Faculty members may establish their own attendance policies.

Students at Centenary College are responsible for mastery of material presented in the class session of the courses in which they are registered. Members of the faculty are not expected to provide students who absent themselves from class without emergency reason with material (including examinations) covered in class. Faculty members are expected to inform the Retention Officer when students are absenting themselves from an excessive number of classes.

Because of VA regulations, the Faculty must report to the Registrar any veteran who is absent in excess of 3 times the number of scheduled class sessions per week. The Director of Financial Aid will notify the Veterans Administration of the absences. CA (2003-04), p. 49