Core Curriculum

In the best tradition of the liberal arts, the Centenary curriculum aims to produce graduates of extraordinary intellectual and vocational versatility who are prepared to take responsible positions in their societies. The College prepares its students through consistent instruction across the curriculum in critical thinking and in the fundamental communication skills of writing, speaking, and numeracy. The core curriculum begins with the First-Year Experience, which initiates the emphasis on critical thinking and rhetorical skills in an interdisciplinary context. The balance of the core curriculum further develops these skills while it introduces students to basic areas and fundamental techniques of human inquiry. Electives enable students to explore their own academic interests unencumbered by institutional requirements. The major provides the opportunity for intensive study in a carefully circumscribed area. In all aspects of its curriculum, Centenary emphasizes a participatory model of education, in the beliefs that students learn most effectively when they are actively involved in the educational process and that an experiential emphasis best prepares them for situations they will encounter beyond the academy.

The Core

The core curriculum at Centenary College cultivates the liberal arts, those diverse skills and habits of mind that characterize a liberally educated person. Courses in the core emphasize fundamental communication skills and basic areas and techniques of intellectual inquiry. In our core program, Centenary students

Specific Core Requirements

(Total Core Courses: 12 courses, min. 40 hrs.)

Additional Degree Requirements

The Registrar has authorization to accept as meeting the foreign language requirement... the non-English native tongue of international students. (11/21/1994)