Course Load

The normal course load is 15-18 hours. Special permission must be obtained from the Dean of the College to register for more than 18 hours. Permission will not be given to register for more than 21 hours.

Students on probation are allowed a maximum of 13 hours and may be allowed to take an additional hour in activities courses. CA. p. 27; (3/25/68); (2/17/69); (3/18/74); (5/16/77); (2/19/79).

The normal course load for the summer session is six hours for one session and six to nine hours for two sessions. However, permission may be granted by the Provost for a maximum of nine hours for a one-session summer or twelve hours for a two-session summer. CA (2003-04), p. 49.

Students who work more than 20 hours per week should not register for more than 13 hours. CA. p. 27; (3/25/68); (2/17/69); (3/18/74); (5/16/77); (2/19/79).