Degree Plan

As early as possible after deciding upon a major field, students should, in consultation with their faculty advisors, plan the remained of their degree programs, so that they may proceed in an orderly way to meet major and degree requirements. Students must file their degree plans, approved by their advisors and endorsed by the Registrar, in the Office of the Registrar before the end of their junior year. Junior and senior transfers are expected to file a degree plan before the end of their first semester of residency. Most students find it advisable to file a degree plan upon declaring a major. Varsity athletics must file a degree plan with the registrar prior to being certified for completion at the beginning of their third (junior) year.

A student who transfers more than one half of the upper division courses required in the field of his major must complete additional hours at or above the 300-level in this major as determined by the chairperson of the department concerned. Because the minimum residency requirement is 45 hours, no more than 79 transfer hours will be applicable toward a Centenary degree. CA (2003-04), p. 52.