Endowed Professorships Guidelines

Humanities, Social Sciences, Math/Science

Endowed professorships derive from donated funds in the amount of $60,000 designated for support of faculty scholarship and research, to which the State of Louisiana has added matching funds of $40,000 to create a total endowment of $100,000 under the Board of Regents "Eminent Scholars Program." As the name of the program emphasizes, this is a program 1) focused on scholarship and research and 2) requiring substantive eminence. As a result, it does not support non-scholarly activities, it is not intended as a benefit that necessarily circulates by turn, nor will chairs necessarily be filled when vacant, should the pool of applicants be inadequate for the intended purposes of the endowments.

Awards are normally made for a period of two academic years. Applicants must have a demonstrated record of scholarship, including publications, to be eligible and should provide well-developed plans for continuing or new areas of inquiry they wish to pursue while occupying the chairs. It is assumed that the product of the incumbents' work in the chairs will result in publication.

To support scholarship and research, the first goal of the endowed professorships is to provide released time to the incumbents. Successful candidates will receive one course per semester of released time with the expectation that they will employ it in pursuit of scholarship/research. As an alternative, successful applicants may elect to receive a grant-in-aid in lieu of released time, which may be used for purchase of equipment, travel to research facilities, or other purposes relevant to their research, as approved by the Provost and Dean of the College. The amount of the grant shall be determined by the amount of income available from the endowment in a given year and may not exceed $3,000 per year.

Grant funds shall be allocated at the beginning of the fiscal year through a designated restricted current fund account and administered under relevant college policies, with all reimbursements supported by original receipts submitted to the Office of the Provost. Funds awarded in one year of the endowed professorship may be carried forward for no more than one additional year. Those not expended by May 31 of the post-professorship year shall revert to the endowment supporting the professorship.

The deadline for application is November 15 in the fall of the year preceding the start of the professorship. Interested professors shall submit a research plan that outlines what they hope to accomplish during the tenure of their professorship, whether their work will lead to publication and how they wish to make use of the funds (released time or reimbursement for research costs). Tenure-track and tenured professors are eligible; however, these professorships are not available to endowed chairholders. The Faculty Development Committee will evaluate the applications and make a recommendation to the provost.

Under a resolution adopted by the Faculty Development Committee, acceptance of the award of a professorship assumes that in the post-professorship year incumbents will 1) present a lecture to the academic community on a topic related to the research they have conducted and 2) submit a report to the committee and the Provost outlining their accomplishments and the impact of the award on their future research. 3) Each successful candidate will also present to the Provost's Office a paragraph outlining the project or the faculty/student summer research project and a link to his or her c.v. for use on the Endowed Professorship web page (a requirement from the Board of Regents).

Document created 7 June 1995. Last updated 8 March 2007.