First-Year Experience Program (FYE)

The core curriculum begins with the First-Year Experience, which initiates the emphasis on critical thinking and rhetorical skills in an interdisciplinary context. CA (2003-04), p. 53.

Centenary's First-Year Experience is an introduction to the liberal arts, those skills and habits of mind that characterize a free person. Liberal education promotes intellectual versatility, meaning the ability to approach complex problems from a variety of perspectives. First-Year Experience courses, in particular, are designed to highlight a range of approaches to key issues and problems, both historical and contemporary.

The FYE program integrates in-class work with a coordinated series of cultural events that reinforce insights and approaches developed in class, or that identify additional perspectives, or that introduce students to people who have made important contributions to the public discussion of ideas. Whenever possible, we arrange for guest speakers to spend time with students in informal settings as well as in large, public venues.

Each year the FYE program publishes a booklet describing its forthcoming events. This publication is available from the Admissions Office of the FYE Director. CA (2003-04), p. 140.

Students enrolling at Centenary who have transferred 27 hours or more that include two semesters of English will not have to participate in the FYE program. (01-29-2001)