At the end of each semester, letter grades are given in each course. These grades, their general significance, and their equivalent quality points are as follows:

Each mid-semester, instructors report to the Provost of the College all grades averaging below "C." These are not permanent grades, but are used as warnings that improvement as necessary. Both faculty advisors and students receive these deficiency reports; students receiving such reports should immediately consult their advisers. CA (2003-04), pp. 50-51.

A course grade once reported to the office of the Registrar may be changed only upon the faculty member's written notification that an error was made in the original grade report. The grade change so certified must be approved by the Dean of the College. (An error could mean an error in judgment as well as a clerical error according to Faculty interpretation). CA (1979-80), p. 29; (12/16/68); (3/17/69); (4/4/74); EP, 4/29/85; CL

Students must take courses in their minor subject for a letter grade. Courses taken P/D/F are not acceptable. CA (2003-04), p. 52.

Courses may not be taken "Pass-Fail" in a student's major or minor department except for module and internships that are approved by the department. CA (2003-04), p. 51.

Supportive courses may be taken pass-fail. CA, p. 30-31,33; {12/16/68}; (11/18/58); (4/4/75); EP (4/1/75).