Pass-Fail System

Students who have attained sophomore standing may register for pass-fail courses. The usual credit will be given if the course is successfully completed, but the grade will be recorded simply as "P," and the cumulative grade point average is not affected. However, the student must earn at least a "C" to receive the grade of "P." If the course is not successfully completed for a "P," the student is assigned a grade of "D" or "F," and the cumulative grade average will reflect the "D" or "F."

With the exception of internship courses, no more than twelve semester hours taken under the "Pass-Fail" system may be attempted toward graduation requirements. Courses may not be taken "Pass-Fail" in a student's major or minor department except for module and internships that are approved by the department. (January, 2011)

Students should be aware of the fact that some graduate schools when reviewing transcripts may consider a grade of "P" as equivalent to a "C" grade. CA (2003-04).

English 101 and FYE 102 may not be taken pass-fail.

A student may change to or from the pass-fail basis up to the time of the last day for dropping courses without penalty.

The pass-fail system is intended by the Faculty to be a means of allowing students to gain breadth of knowledge without worry about grades; it is not meant to be a means of obtaining credit in courses without the expenditure of effort. CA, p. 29,33; (10/15/72); (11/20/72); (11/19/73); (414/75); (4/18/77); (4/20/79); Dean's Memo, 9/10/71.

Supportive courses may be taken pass-fail. CA, p. 30-31,33; {12/16/68}; (11/18/58); (4/4/75); EP (4/1/75).