Provisional Admission

Applicants who either a) have a core high school GPA below 2.50 or b) have a standardized test score at or below the 50th percentile cannot be admitted to Centenary without approval from the faculty subcommittee of the Enrollment Policy Committee.

Besides being approved for regular admission, these students may also be approved for provisional admission. If the studentís application mentions a learning difference as a factor contributing to the low GPA or standardized test score, the subcommittee will require documentation of the learning difference before making a decision.

The student must make a 1.5 grade point average or higher during the first semester to enroll for a second semester and must make a 2.0 grade point average (current or cumulative) or higher the second semester in order to enroll for a third semester. In addition, the student must fulfill the other portions of the provisional admission contract. The head of the Student Resource Center will make the determination of enrollment eligibility on issues besides grade point average.

If a student is not permitted to enroll in a subsequent semester due to non-fulfillment of the provisional admission contract, the student may appeal to the faculty subcommittee of the Enrollment Policy Committee. Materials for the appeal should include a statement from the student and all professors of the student from the current semester. The Associate Dean will aid in collecting this material and will also write a statement regarding the appeal.

The faculty subcommittee of the Enrollment Policy Committee will meet at least four days prior to the start of the next semester to decide whether the decision to prohibit enrollment should be overturned. Note that even if the student enrolls, the student may still be on academic probation.

Last updated 02/2012