Summer School

Courses taught in the summer session may range from 3 to 9 weeks in duration. The number of contact hours in a course should approximate that of a normal academic semester course.

The normal course load at Centenary during the summer is two courses; however, permission may be granted by the Provost for a maximum of nine hours. (01/19/2004)

Enrollment requirements for summer school courses are a minimum of 7 for a one-month course, 10 for a two-month course. If fewer than the minimum number enroll, the instructor has the option of teaching the course for a reduced salary. Salaries will be prorated on a "per teaching" basis—the total number of students enrolled in all summer school courses taught by a professor. (5/15/72); (12/15/75);(3/13/78); (4/17/18); Ad hoc Committee on Evening Division and Summer School,5/21/71.