"Three-Two/Three-One" Programs

Engineering Dual Degree Program (3-2 or Combined Plan)

Centenary, in cooperation with Case Western Reserve University, Columbia University, Texas A&M University, University of Southern California, and Washington University in St. Louis, offers a Dual Degree Program in liberal arts and engineering. (This program is sometimes referred to as a 3-2 Program or a Combined Plan.) Each student under this program pursues concentrated studies in the liberal arts and engineering sciences at Centenary for three years, followed by two or more years of study in professional engineering courses at one of the cooperating universities. The student earns a B.A. degree from Centenary in either mathematics or physics and the B.S. degree in engineering from the cooperating university. Students under this program are exempted from the senior seminar at Centenary. Students interested in the Dual Degree Program in Engineering should consult the coordinator of the program. provost/CA (2003-04), pp. 68-69

Mathematics/Computer Science

This program is designed to enable a student to finish two degrees in five years, a B.A. in mathematics from Centenary and a B.S. in computer science from Southern Methodist University. A student completing this program is prepared to work interchangeably in computer science and other mathematically related fields or to continue study in graduate school either in computer science or in pure or applied mathematics.

Since this program is planned to begin with a first course in calculus, the recommended high school background should include trigonometry and advanced mathematics. Further information may be obtained from the Coordinator of Programs in Computer Science.

Students interested in these programs should confer with the coordinator of the premedical program at the earliest opportunity. CA (2003-04), p. 69

Speech-Language Pathology/Audiology

The 3/2 program in Speech-Language Pathology/Audiology requires students to complete the specified track in the Psychology Department. A Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Masters of Communication Disorders degree will be awarded from LSU Medical Center. Should students not complete the masters of communication disorders program at LSU Health Science Center, they may complete the B.A. degree in psychology as long as core requirements are met and they have completed 124 credits acceptable at Centenary College. CA (2003-04), p. 67, 189.