Transfer Credit for Admitted Students

Centenary students may enroll at other accredited colleges and universities and transfer credit hours to Centenary. The following policies will apply to all students who have been admitted to Centenary and wish to transfer credit after their admittance.

  1. Credit may be transferred only from other accredited college and universities in which a grade of "C" or better (or a "P") has been earned, and only for courses in academic disciplines offered at Centenary. Some courses not regarded as college-level (such as remedial coursework) or consistent with the liberal arts tradition may not be transferred nor credited towards a degree. Grades from other institutions are not transferred. (11/17/2003)
  2. Electronic and distance learning courses will be treated as regular courses if under the direct supervision of Centenary faculty, the appropriate contact hours for faculty and student interaction are maintained, and if these courses are administered within the regular semester or module structure. These criteria will be applied to evaluate credit sought for distance learning from other colleges.
  3. After earning sixty-four (64) transferable semester hours at a two-year post-secondary college, a student may not transfer additional credit from a two-year post-secondary college.
  4. No transferred courses will satisfy the "S" or "W" requirements at Centenary.
  5. Credits earned elsewhere do not transfer to Centenary if the credit is earned during a period of time the student is on Academic Suspension at Centenary or any other institution.
  6. Credit will not transfer if the credit is earned during a period of time the student is concurrently enrolled at Centenary should the transfer hours attempted cause the student to exceed 18 hours of enrolled credit (9 hours in the summer session) without prior permission from the Centenary Provost. (01/19/2004)
  7. Credit will not transfer to Centenary to replace credits earned at Centenary for equivalent courses. 901/19/2004)
  8. Credit will not transfer to Centenary when an evaluation of the student’s degree plan shows that such credit is earned subsequent to completion of a Centenary degree. (01/19/2004)
  9. Grades from institutions with different grading scales (e.g. European schools) will be evaluated accordingly. Transfer courses taken on a Pass/Fail basis must be passed with an equivalent grade of "C" or better. Official confirmation of such a grade must be received by the Centenary Registrar before the course will be accepted for transfer credit.
  10. Official transcripts for all credits attempted must be sent to the Centenary Registrar from all institutions where the transfer credits were attempted. This policy includes situations where the student withdrew without receiving credit. (11/17/2003)
  11. Prior to enrolling at other institutions for transfer of credit to Centenary, students must complete and submit the “Transfer of Credit” form available through the Centenary Registrar’s Office. This form guarantees the transfer of credit for the student once its information has been confirmed and approved. Failure to submit this form or to abide by the terms of its approval could result in students enrolling in a course that cannot be transferred to Centenary. (01/19/2004)
  12. Students are expected to complete their final year of study in residence at Centenary, unless they have received permission to graduate under a 3/1 or 3/2 program or they are taking classes at one of Centenary’s partner institutions at home or abroad. A limited number of courses may be transferred during a student’s final two long semesters of full time study at Centenary, if these transfer courses receive prior approval by the student’s adviser and the Centenary Registrar. In the absence of this dual approval, a student must petition to transfer credit earned within the last two long semesters at Centenary. (01/19/2004)