Academic Coaching Program

Who are we...

Academic Coaching is a partnership which:

  • Provides private one-on-one coaching
  • Provides onsite coaching with a licensed learning specialist
  • Establishes attainable academic goals
  • Assesses barriers to academic success
  • Establishes support networks
  • Provides individual learning styles assessments
  • Creates an individualized learning plan
  • Increases academic success

What we do...

  • Provide test-taking skills strategies
  • Help students to develop strong time management skills
  • Utilize college resources
  • Develop active listeners and learners
  • Create a study schedule
  • Develop effective note-taking skills
  • Enrich personal motivational skills and personal responsibility
  • Help students to balance social and academic demands

For further information contact:

Dr. Edward D. Ragan
Associate Dean of the College