Convocations Committee

2014-2015 Members

Faculty Dr. Loren Demerath
Faculty Prof. Bruce Allen
Faculty Dr. Chris Ciocchetti, Chair
Senior Director of External Relations, ex-officio
Provost Representative, ex-officio Ms. Jennifer Hill
Student Brittney Thomas
Student Brittney Wagner

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Purposes and Responsibilities

The committee reports directly to the Academic Policy Council and coordinates convocations for the College. In consultation with the Liberal Arts Chair and other members of the campus community, it will program the Convocation Hour that occurs on the first Thursday of each month (excluding December, January, and May) during the academic year from 11:10 a.m. to 12:10 pm. In addition, the committee will evaluate programs to determine if the convocations are meeting campus needs.


The committee will be composed of three faculty members recommended by the Faculty Coordinating Council and appointed by the president — with one serving as committee chairperson), the Provost (ex-officio and without vote), the Director of External Relations (ex-officio and without vote), and two students recommended by the Student Government Association and appointed by the President of the College.

About the Convocation Program

The Convocation Program is one way the College brings together the campus community to express and consider the unique values involved in a church-related, liberal arts education as these values are focused in vital issues, such as education, religion, and social concerns. Recognizing the importance of gathering together regularly as a community to learn, reflect, and engage with each other, the Convocation Hour occurs on the first Thursday of each month (excluding December, January, and May) during the academic year from 11:10 a.m. to 12:10 pm. This is a time set aside for reflection, meditation, and intellectual contemplation on Centenary’s campus. During the Convocation Hour, no other events may be scheduled on campus by faculty, staff, or students, with the exception of official Board of Trustees meetings and academic classes that begin at noon. All campus offices are urged to close for the Convocation Hour with the exception of those providing essential or emergency services. The Convocations Committee will program the Convocation Hour. The standard deadline for submitting proposals for the Convocation Hour is six months before the planned event.

Related Information

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Assessment of Convocations

Organizers of Convocations are required to assess their Convocation and send that information to the Chair of the Convocation Committee. Convocations Evaluation Forms should be completed by audience members and collected at the end of each sponsored event. The organizer is then responsible for submitting that data to the Chair of the Convocations Committee using the Convocations Assessment Excel file within the month following their event. Hard copies of the evaluation forms are not necessary. Organizers who fail to assess their event and/or send their data to the Convocations Committee may be denied funding in the future.


Last updated 29 January 2015.