Diversity Committee

2015-2016 Members

Faculty Member, Diversity Advocate Dr. Dana Kress, Chair
Faculty Member Dr. Hsiang-Yun Chen
Faculty Member Dr. Chris Parker
Faculty Member TBA
Staff (exempt) Mr. Chris Brown
Staff (non-exempt) Ms. Janet Ingram
Staff (underrepresented group) Ms. Monica Powell
Student (President, Minority Student Association) TBA
Student (President/designee, SGA) Ms. Raquel Candal
Student Member TBA
Student Member TBA
Student (at large) TBA
Director, Human Resources, ex-officio Ms. Edie Cummings
Dean of Student Life (or designee), ex-officio Mr. Mark Miller
Provost Designee, ex-officio Dr. Chris Lavan

Purposes and Responsibilities

This committee articulates a working definition of diversity for the college and develops and implements an ongoing plan that promotes a culture for valuing diversity on campus. Specifically, the plan should recommend strategies to:

  • increase recruitment and retention of diverse faculty, staff, and students;
  • provide ongoing diversity training for campus leaders, including administration, faculty, staff, and students;
  • broaden Centenary’s involvement with our diverse local community and region;
  • handle diversity-related disputes or issues on campus;
  • improve campus programs and policies regarding diversity, where appropriate.

The committee will produce an annual report including an explicit statement of goals, procedures and progress.


The committee will be composed of the following Presidential appointees: three faculty recommended by the FCC and who have demonstrated interest in diversity issues; three staff, at least one of whom is non-exempt and one of whom is exempt and one of whom is a member of an underrepresented group; three students, including the President of the Minority Student Association or a designee, the President of Student Government Association or a designee, and one at-large student; the Director of Human Resources (ex-officio) the Dean of Student Life or designee (ex-officio); the Provost and Dean of the College or designee (ex-officio).

Last updated 19 October 2015.


Committee Structure