Planning Committee

2014-2015 Members

Administration Dr. Jenifer K. Ward
Administration Mr. Bob Blue
Administration Mr. Fred Landry
Board of Trustees Member Mr. John George
Faculty-Humanities Dr. David Havird
Faculty-Natural Sciences Dr. Beth Leuck
Faculty-Social Sciences Dr. Loren Demerath
Faculty, Chair Economic Policy Committee TBD
Student-Natural Sciences
Student-Social Sciences

Purposes and Responsibilities

The Planning Committee will be a representative body of the faculty, administration, student body, and Board of Trustees responsible for providing direction to the College. To this end, they will periodically review and update the goals of the College and assess college operations to determine if it is consistent with the College's goals. This group will also be responsible for maintaining and updating a strategic plan for the College. Since planning, to be effective, must receive input from all facets of college life, this committee is expected to maintain close ties to the Faculty Coordinating Council, the Planning & Policy Advisory Council, and the Student Government Association. The Planning Committee is also expected to work closely with the Economic Policy Committee to ensure implementation of the College's long-range plans. The recommendation of the committee will go to the President of the College.


The Planning Committee will be composed of eleven members: Three members of the administration, appointed by the President; a Board member; three faculty members recommended by the Faculty Coordinating Council, and appointed by the President; the chair of the Economic Policy Committee; and three student members appointed by the Student Government Association and appointed by the President. The faculty members will serve three-year staggered terms, with each division having a representative. The student members will serve one-year terms, with each member from a different division.

Last updated 15 August 2014.