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Faculty Annual Report Format
Due date — First day of spring semester

I. Statement of your current responsibilities in the areas of teaching, service, and scholarship

II. List of achievements in the following areas

A. Teaching and Advising

B. Service

C. Scholarship (Please include the name of any endowed Chair, Professorship, or Support Funds that have supported your scholarship.)

III. Reflections on Selected Work

A. Goal of work

B. How did you prepare?

  1. Workshops and/or special training
  2. Research by reading, study and investigation in the field
  3. Acquisition of new skills necessary for project

C. Describe the methods you used in your project to help you reach your goal.

D. How did you communicate your work to others?

E. What impact do you expect your work to have on the larger academic world?

F. How have you critically evaluated your work? What impact will your evaluation have on your future work?

IV. New plans

A. Your goals for the coming academic year

B. Suggestions for your department and the college.