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Important Dates and Opportunities

First day of spring semester — Submit Individual Faculty Reports

In accordance with Section 7 of the Faculty Handbook, all faculty members are to submit an annual report to the Provost.

January 24 — Department Chairs Forward Department Reports to Provost's office

The chair submits copies of the department's reports to the Provost's Office and Personnel Committee. Please assure that the report includes department goals and assessment data as described in the guidelines for development of department reports.

November 1 — Submit Requests for Sabbatical Leaves

Deadline for submitting sabbatical requests.

November 15 — Submit Proposals for Endowed Professorships

Deadline for submitting endowed professorships proposals.

December 15 — Charlton H. Lyons Faculty Research Award

Deadline for submitting applications for the Charlton H. Lyons Faculty Research Award, which supports summer research.

February 15 — Faculty Summer Grant Award

Deadline for submitting requests for support of summer research through a Faculty Summer Grant Award.

February 15 — Student-Faculty Summer Research Professorships

Deadline for submitting requests for support of Student-Faculty Research.

April 1 — Broyles Inaugural Year Research Chair

Deadline for submitting application for the Broyles Inaugural Year Research Chair, which supports research projects for newly-appointed full-time faculty.

Funds for Professional Development

The Provost's Travel Fund supports faculty members who are actively participating in a professional meeting. An information sheet listing criteria and limitations for these funds is attached and is available on the provost's web page. Please submit a Travel Expense Estimate as an application and append documentation supporting your active involvement in the meeting. This statement is also available on the provost's web page. After completing your trip you must submit your original receipts supporting your costs affixed to the copy of the approved Travel Expense Estimate.

Risk Management

Faculty escorting students to off-campus events (field trips, modules, etc.) should understand the risks inherent in these activities and advise their students of these risks. You should insure that all students participating in off campus activities sign the Awareness of Risk Agreement. You can make copies of this form by downloading it from the provost's web page or by requesting the required number of copies from the Faculty Secretary x5177.

Last updated January 14, 2008.