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Academic Department Annual Report Format
Due date — January 24

As you know, the Faculty Handbook calls for the submission of a department annual report every January (Section 9G). Further, our accreditation agency, SACS, calls for annual assessments of academic units. To save time and energy we have combined these two requirements into the single Department Annual Report. Please use the document that follows to format your annual report so that we fulfill the requirements of the Faculty Handbook and those of SACS. Thanks for your cooperation.

A. Departmental Goals:

1. Please provide:

  1. your department's mission statement
  2. current objectives for your unit, noting the date by which you expect to achieve each objective and what resources, if any, are required to do so. Please be sure that these are reasonably achievable objectives, consistent with the purpose statement in the catalogue and official goals of the college.

2. Please be sure to indicate the status of your previous year's objectives (e.g., "achieved as of (date) ." "expect to achieve as of (date) ." "not achieved because of ."

3. What methods do you employ to assess your unit's effectiveness? Please include a copy of your assessment standards. If you have conducted any student outcome or program assessment since the last annual report, please attach.

4. Please indicate: 1) what you perceive as the strengths and weaknesses of your unit, 2) what external opportunities you should be pursuing, 3) what external forces may be impacting or are likely to impact negatively on your programs (e.g. "threats") using the following format.

  1. Strengths
  2. Weaknesses
  3. Opportunities
  4. Threats

5. Please provide the same information for the College as in question 4. This will become the basis for development/revision of campus goals, so please give this your careful consideration.

B. Achievement of Basic Educational Goals Articulated in the College Purpose Statement.

In what ways has your department helped students:

  1. to overcome ignorance and intolerance
  2. to provide an understanding of the forces that have influenced the past, drive the present, and shape the future
  3. to cultivate integrity, intellectual and moral courage, responsibility, fairness, and compassion
  4. to perceive, think, write, and speak clearly
  5. to read, listen, and think critically
  6. to comprehend, interpret, and synthesize ideas
  7. to analyze information qualitatively and quantitatively
  8. to appreciate the diversity of human cultures
  9. to respect the value of artistic expression
  10. to recognize the importance of a healthy mind and body
  11. to recognize the interdependence of people and the environment.

C. Comment on the state of the department.

D. Evaluate each member of the department with recommendations for merit raises, promotions and tenure.

Last updated January 21, 2010.