Faculty Personnel's Development Committee

2015-2016 Members

Faculty-Humanities Dr. George Newtown
Faculty-Natural Sciences Dr. Beth Leuck
Faculty-Social Sciences Dr. Jessica Alexander, Chair
Provost's Designee, ex-officio Dr. Karen Soul

Purposes and Responsibilities

The committee reports directly to the Faculty Personnel Council and assists the Provost in the development and implementation of policies and programs related to faculty development, such as special faculty travel, workshops, sabbatical leaves, and recommendations on endowed professorships, and other scholarly and professional activities. (09/00). The Provostís Office supports the Development Committee by making arrangements for workshops and scheduling of public presentations reporting on scholarly accomplishments during sabbatical leaves. Forums for these presentations will be developed in coordination with this committee. (4/2004) The committee shall report all of its actions promptly to the Faculty Personnel Council, normally through its minutes and reports at faculty meetings.


The committee is composed of three faculty members (one from each division) and the Provost (ex officio and without vote). The members of this committee shall be recommended by the Faculty Coordinating Council and appointed by the President. The committee shall elect its own chair.


Last updated 19 October 2015.