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Charlton H. Lyons Faculty Summer Research Award

Requests for the Faculty Summer Research Award grant must be in the Provost's office by 15 December or the nearest working day.


Award for a scholar in the entire range of academic, professional, or artistic fields to engage in research, writing, exhibition, or performance. It shall not be connected with the attainment of an advanced degree.


To encourage and support scholarly research, writing, and performance by Centenary College faculty. The award will provide funds for travel, supplies, and reagents. The award will not provide summer salary.


Full-time faculty members with at least one year of teaching experience at Centenary.


Those who wish to be considered for the Charlton H. Lyons Faculty Summer Research Award must submit to the Faculty Development Committee a prospectus which describes the purpose of the proposed project. This statement should offer specific details on the project, written at a level understandable by faculty colleagues. Candidates should send their proposals to the Provost's Office. The recipient will be notified by 1 February. Upon completion of the project, the recipient will provide a written report to the Provost's Office by 15 October of the semester following the summer award. Unsuccessful candidates will enter the pool of Faculty Summer Grant Award.

Financial Data

The College will make one award of $2,500.00 for one summer. Please submit a budget explaining your request with the prospectus.. The award shall be payable after June 1 of the award year. Advances up to $2,000 will be made with approval of the Provost's Office. To claim reimbursement, you must submit original receipts within 60 days of incurring the expense.

Selection Panel

Faculty Development Committee.


The Faculty Development Committee and the Provost will generate interest in the award, encourage faculty to apply, review each proposal, interview finalists if necessary, and select a recipient. The President will confirm the selection. The Faculty Development Committee will only select a recipient whose project will bring honor and recognition to Centenary. In addition, small scale projects which can receive support from other funding sources will not be considered for this award.


This grant replaces the Alumni Association Award to Faculty. The grant operates under similar guidelines. You may contact the Provost's Office for proposals from past years to use as a guide as well as a list of previous winners.

Last updated March 8, 2007.