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Faculty Recipients of the Alumni Association/Charlton Lyons Award

73 Edward F. Haas History
74 Arnold M. Penuel Spanish
75 Brad McPherson Biology
76 Edmond M. Parker Engineering
77 L. Hughes Cox Philosophy
78 Earle Labor English
79 Stanton A. Taylor Chemistry
80 Robert Reynolds Music
81 Michael Hall and Barry Nass English
82 Royce Shaw Political Science
83 Brad McPherson Biology
84 David Jackson English
85 David Throgmorton Sociology
86 Robert Frye Geology
88 Sam Shepherd History
89 Jeff Hendricks English
90 Antonio Pizarro Math
91 Scott Vetter Geology
92 David Hoaas Economy
93 Scott Vetter Geology
94 Dana Kress French
95 Steve Shelburne English
96 John Peek Political Science
97 Mary Barrett Geology
98 Mark Fisch Sociology
99 Rodney Grunes Political Science
2000 Yvonne Yaz Mathematics
2001 Lisa Nicoletti Art
2002 Lisa Nicoletti Art
2003 Karen Breuer History
2004 George Newtown English
2005 Scott Chirhart Biology
2006 Lisa Nicoletti Art
2007 Michelle Glaros Art
2008 Harold Christensen Economics
2009 Ken Aizawa Philosophy
2010 Jeanne Hamming English

The Alumni Association Award to Faculty was discontinued November, 2001 and replaced by the Charlton H. Lyons Faculty Summer Research Award.